Per is an Emmy winning cinematographer based out of Denver, CO.Headshot_Feb2015_fixed_B&W

He was born and raised in Graz, Austria.
His grandmother was a composer and his family was always heavily involved in music and musical education. This strong connection to music formed an early appreciation and passion for arts in general. In addition to playing instruments and composing music on the piano, one of his first hobbies was making videos which developed into his love for film and cinematography. After working in the art department on several features in Austria, he decided to come to the U.S. to study cinematography and graduated with eight awards for his work, including two cinematography awards out of five nominations. His first feature film debut as cinematographer, the sci-fi action film “Dust of War” (Doug Jones, Tony Todd), premiered at Comic Con, San Diego. Since then he worked on many productions including award winning short films, national commercials for companies such as Nike, Kia, Smash Burger and Charter Communications and films such as “Dust of War”, “War Pigs” (Mickey Rourke), “Tater Tot & Patton” (Jessica Rothe), “Wunderland” (Tom Berenger), “Making a killing” (Christopher Lloyd).
Today he lives with his wife and children in the Colorado mountains and works as an independent cinematographer all over the country.
He also serves as an adjunct instructor for camera and lighting at the Colorado Film School, one of the top film schools in the nation.